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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ever tried rafting in the white islands of Camiguin using an "inflatable raft"?? I bet you haven't!

Well,, I've tried it with my dad, my cousin and uncle. We were all that adventurous type so we went off away from the white island beach with our inflatable raft. And guess what?? We have traveled too far from the island that when we decided to go back to the island... We just can't get back no matter how hard we paddle!!! waaa! The wind was just so damn strong for us to get back to the island!! I know each of us are starting to get terrified from the situation but just not let our emotions show (you know.. we are all that adventurous type "daw" hehe!). What we did? Just paddle and paddle and.... paddle.. and waiting for a pump boat to pass by.. (haha! LOSERS! hehe!). But not a single one passed by.. so we just continued paddling until sometime,, we reached the area were are feet can already touch the seabed. Hooray for US! I thought we will be the next "CAST AWAY" movie! hehe! But that experience was just so awesome! I'd like to try that again but next time, I'll bring my friends and see how they'll react! hehehe!

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