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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Have you ever wanted to be at the center of things and yet totally maintain your
seclusion? Such paradox seems possible with beautiful Crystal Cove Island. This
two hectare Island just sits at the threshold of the Boracay coast, the Philippines world
famous destination catering to an assembly of international tropical thrill seekers.
With such convenient location, you can visit the exquisite paradise island everyday
and go join the world class fun and parties the resort is popular for. But at the same
time, after every end of the day, you can leave all the lights and glamour and sail away
home to little crystal cove island to your own much favored solitude. This island is
found upon solid rock, a gallery of haunting niches and sea caves bordered by crystal-
green waters. The sight of this pristine sea immediately calls to your innate thirst for
things tropical, and as soon as you get there, the right thing to do is plunge right away
and bask with abandon! Everything! In this island seems to work to satisfy your need
for privacy.

More apparently, the island is covered with dense trees and bushes which
hide its interior part. The gnarled leaning, low-standing trees, and outlandish looking
bushes compliment the whole rugged setting as well. And though the island
generally appears to be of pure rock, it actually conceals the tiniest secluded cove of
the finest, same Boracay-white sands, hidden on one side like a well-kept secret, this
cove is the island’s most exclusive love seat. Just a boat-ride away from the main
land of Boracay. Crystal Cove Island brings you right at the door of an international
tourist destination but leads you to your own way of living your tropical dream.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Thrills in Cagayan de Oro

Rafting vacations aren’t the only things CDO has to offer. Several other spots, like the Macahambus Gorge and Adventure Park, give thrill-seekers a chance to test the limits of their nerves. The sky bridge alone is enough to give agoraphobic people panic attack. The park offers rapelling services, and guests can also explore the Macahambus cave, or for that ultimate adrenaline rush, ride the Zip Line – a hanging slide of more than a hundred feet of high-tension cables strung up a hundred and fifty feet from the bottom of the Macahambus ravine.

Webmaster's Comment:
Yeah! this is one hell of an adventure! Cagayan de Oro is one of the place recommended for thrill-seekers! enjoy! ^_^

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Davao Water Adventure: Whitewater Rafting

Wanna experience wild water adventure in Davao?

The team at the Davao Wildwater Adventure, Inc. might just be what you need for assistance. They have well-trained staff who can guide you when in comes to water sports like the white water rafting. Experience 13 kilometers of fun-filled water adventure at the Davao River for only PhP 2,000/person. Plus, you get the following:

  • Round Trip Transportation from the Crocodile Park to the rafting area
  • Packed Lunch with Bottled Water
  • Use of Gears and Equipment
  • Activity Guide
  • Souvenir Shirt
  • Photo CD.


Take note of these rafting tips from the......

Pls. Read the rest at http://www.davaotraveler.com

Cagayan de Oro: Great White Water Rafting

Whitewater rapids are rated on a scale of one through six, indicating the difficulty of each rapid at "normal" water level. The scale is a subjective one. While rapids are individually classed, rivers are given an overall classification that takes the whole stretch of river into account. As an example, the wilderness section of the Cagayan de Oro River has lots of Class IV rapids, but the overall classification is Class III and III+, indicating that a rafter with strong Class III skills would find the challenges within his/her abilities.

Class I: (very easy) Generally, fast moving water. Waves and riffles are small or nonexistent, passages are clear with few or no obstacles, and little manuevering is required. Lazy floating.

Class II: (easy to moderate) Small-to-medium-sized regular waves with some obstacles. Some manuevering is required but passages are clear. Spashy and fun!

Class III: (moderate to exciting) Numerous waves that are bigger and a bit irregular with currents that can be tricky. Obstacles require maneuvering, but the narrow passages are generally straightforward. Scouting from shore is recommended and usually required. Big splashes and exciting rides!

Class IV: (exciting) Longer rapids with powerful waves and strong currents. The passages are boulder-choked and require precise maneuvering. Scouting from shore is mandatory. Exciting and challenging for all.

Class V: (difficult) Massive waves and violent rapids, often following each otherwithout interruption. Big drops, violent currents, and extemely congested channels that require complex maneuvering. Scouting is mandatory but often difficult. This is maximum intensity rafting! Cagayan de Oro River Tours does not run trips at this level of difficulty.

Class VI: (the limit of navigation) Rarely run, or generally considered unrunnable; a definite hazard to life and limb. Cagayan de Oro River Tours does not run trips at this dangerous level of difficulty.

Webmaster's Comment:
WOW!! as in a very big WOW! The white water rafting is AWESOME! very recommended for Thrill-searchers! And not just that.. the FOOD is GREAT!! The price too is worth it! All adventure trekkers should try this one!